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생일 축하합니다 (saengil chuka hamnida.. ^_^ )

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haha suddenly??? don’t surprise ne~ i want wish to my favourite group, DBSK HAPPY 8 ANNIVERSARY DBSK (JYJ N HOMIN)!!!! it’s early right???? haha well don’t think i don’t know the exact date they debut arasso…. i know of course aish~ keke they debut at 26 December 2003.. well, i too early to wish right??? u know why i wish early??? coz at that time i can’t wish to them… so sad.. so, i make early progress to wish them eraly wow!!!! XD ah~ i so sad coz i can’t wish them, at that time… well, whatever is i always support all of them (like always i said.. 😉 ) anyway chukae to them… ^_^ will always be number 1 in my heart… i will always be loyal cassie with support all of u(JYJ n HoMin)… i will always keep the faith!!! 😉 fighting!!! U-know Yunho fightinG!, Hero Jaejoong fighting!, Micky Yoochun fighting!, Max Changmin fighting!, DBSK fighting!, (where xiah junsu???) keke Xiah Junsu fighting!, haha they always play like this poor Junsu oppa keke 😀

anyway Yunho fighting!!, Jaejoong fighting!!, Yoochun fighting!!, Junsu fighting!!, Changmin fighting!!, (JYJ n HoMin) fighting!!, DBSK fighting!!…. 동방신기에 대한 축하해 once again!!! ^_^

p/s : don’t misunderstand this.. i just wish it early coz i wouldn’t be able to online for a long time, so i think better i wish it before i go… ^_^ Cassie always keep the faith!!!! ^_^

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