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well, the previous entry, i already talk a little bit about the subject i taken right?? well i only talked about sub subject only hehe well, the main subject at there is biology, chemistry, mathematics, english and science computer… actually we have 3 modul, modul one consists this subject (biology, physics, chemistry, english and mathematics) while modul two is (physics, science computer, english, mathematics and chemistry) how about modul three??? well i take the modul 3, the subject i taken is as i stated before… 😉 between this three, there are different between it.. what the different??? find yourself haha XD (not like this =_=’)

now, let’s move on to the topic about my j-robik class… hehe when my lecturer tell us, that we got this, i was relieved because i like with this type of activities coz i like exercises too, and since i like dance that’s why i like… actually j-robik same with dance just a little bit different but i like more dance hehe let’s move to other part which when we are practice (my classmates).. it will be lie if i said there are no fight when do work with group.. well, people have different personalities right?? even sometimes we argue, we still be friend keke even sometimes there are something going wrong, they still give a commitment to do j-robik… when we do the formation of j-robik, all of us give the idea also when we do aerobics, different idea was come out to make our performance look great.. that’s why sometimes we quarrel hehe

(practice time)

(another practice time in night but only 4 girls i put here 😉 )

only two picture i put here, the other i just keep it keke ah~ wanna know what happen after that??? stay tuned…. 😉 ^_^



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hello everyone!!! how are you today, good??? well today i was super fine, Alhamdulillah.. ^_^ well as i promise previously, i will continue my life at matriculation today… haha sorry coz it’s take a long time to complete right?? sorry for my late -why suddenly???- anyway ignore that n let we move on.. 😉

i already tell about my experience when i enter matriculation, well it’s not much i guess -tell about that ^_^- too many activities that held at there.. well same like the school activities but a little bit different, at school if u don’t want to join u can make any excuse to not participate it or just don’t come to school, but here u must participate it or give the reason why u not participate it… we have may activities such as english workshop, program young tutor and etc.. too many thing to say.. keke

we also have 3 sub subject like dinamika, kokurikulum, and subject agama/moral… well for first semester we got kokurikulum. In this kokurikulum, once against it’s divide into 3. first is “aktiviti kawat”, acting ( do drama) and j-robik (including senamrobik).. so, we got j-robik from this three thing.. so, wanna know what happen??? just wait~ 😉


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Assalamualaikum, annyeong n hello everyone… ^_^ how u all feel today??? good or not??? i’m fine here.. ^^ at my last entry, i already said that i will post it the next day right??? but i not post it because i was very tired n has something to do.. keke 😀
i think better if i post it today… ^_^

well, what should i tell first??? erm… about my study??? my holiday??? or what???? too many thing i like to share actually… erm… ah~ that’s also another reason why i don’t want to write coz too many thing to share n doesn’t know which part to say aigo~ haha XD

i think better start with study first right??? ^_^ well, it’s totally best can study back… at first, i must admit that i have cultural shock at first but now i can adapt it n it’s fun… 😉 to study at matriculation, u must prepare ur mental and physical coz the learning process at there was fast and also different from ur school.. whatever it is, it’s same if u go to university too,, nothing different… it’s all depend on u.. ^_^ too say that matriculation is hard, i think everywhere we go or study too was hard doesn’t it?? nothing was easy if u want to achieve the better result in ur life.. everything need sacrifice and of course the hardship u must face first before that.. so, don’t give up ne~ 😉

i will continue my story for study later ok… until see u all again annyeong n salam.. ^_^


Assalamualaikum… ^_^

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annyeong!!! ^_^ wah~ a long time i not open my blog miss my blog…. 😉 i made some changes with my blog today… both of my blog already change in their background n header… for this blogger i chance both but for another blog i not chance it maybe later… ^_^ i not put any smiley today coz to many work must to do and also i wouldn’t talk a lot just want looking out what’s happen with my blog after i gone a long time.. haha it’s not too long just a few months i left my blog right???

now i have break for two weeks but within two weeks many thing must to do.. but from what i know i not even touch my book yet!!!! aigo~ what’s wrong with me??? the final exam already near… 😦 within this break i only search about korea only… ==’ such a bad students right??? -sigh- don’t ever try to do like me… ==’ but i do some work also, it doesn’t mean i not ever touch my book, i touch n read it but erm.. what should i say??? it’s just a bit homework that my lecturer give to me so it’s mean that i still do it yeh!!!! haha so ignore the mark that i just tell before arasso… hehe

okay now go to korea… a lot of hing happen… with Jaejoong oppa has starring at new drama call Protect The Boss.. i doesn’t have time to watch it yet but it’s look cool to me keke they say it’s funny.. jinjja???? well maybe next time i watch it.. ^^ Yoochun oppa already finish his drama call Miss Ripley… n Junsu oppa starring at drama call Scent Of A Women but he only act as supporter only if i not mistake.. i doesn’t remember which series.. ok maybe later too i will watch it… Changmin oppa and Yunho oppa now has their new song in japan called Superstar… wow it’s jinjja daebak!!!!! 😉 now what i can say is i as Cassiopeia really proud with them… even too many obstacle that they must go through, they still can manage to do it very well… they show to their fan their energetic mode to us, like nothing has happen to them… that’s what i was very proud to be one of their fan here… 🙂 what can i say is i will always support them.. no matter what happen. i know some of the cassie already been half some support JYJ, n some support HoMin but it’s doesn’t mean they are no one who support all of them as 5.. they are so many cassie that still Keep The Faith over them.. they always standing behind them as 5, same with me… i always standing behind them as 5… 😉

well i think if i gone talk about this, it will take forever haha XD so i think until this i will post maybe next time we will meet again.. doesn’t know when actually coz the time that i had was short… so just wait ne~ 🙂 will miss u all.. annyeong!!!! ^__^

cool right?? lotte duty free… keke 😀

post again haha

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as my tittle today, i do post again haha hari ini shj sudah 3 kali saya membuat post pd hari yg sama.. haha biasalah lps ni dah jarang nak update.. ntah bilalah blh wat.. rasanya ada pembaharuan x kat blog ni??? mesti ada haha sape yg sll dtg sini, mmg akan tahu perubahannya iaitu lagu yg dimainkan.. kalau dulu lg yg saya letak adalah “Before U go” skrg dah tukar kpd “Holding Back The Tears” well, lagu ini bny makna disebaliknya… sedih bila tahu makna liriknye… org yg minat @ hard fan of DBSK know why i said like that.. no need to tell about this coz even u are not fan of them, if u are kpop lovers @ fan u will know it even not in detail..

lagu ini juga khas untuk kwn2 ku hehe kalo tahu makna tahulah apa yg saya nak brth hehe nak post k makna lagu ni??? lain kalilah hehe lagipun ni nak continue pasal td.. berbalik pada previous entry, semua ni adalah untuk masa depan kita… ha~ tu jelah kot haha dah lupa dah apa nak tulis… mlm ni nak kena tidur awal sbb sok dah bertolak… hurm~ rasa mcm x nak gi je.. bkn rindu rumah k apa tp x puas cuti haha waktu cuti dulu bosan ni x cukup pula ish ada je alasan haha

apa perasaan anda bila mendapat tahu yg anda kena bertolak esok?? haha answer : saya sebenarnya tidak pasti perasaan saya skrg ni, happy k, confuse k.. haha ayat mudah “biasa je” haha (x ketawa mcm ni tau.. hehe) itu lah yg aku rasa x de feeling haha

oklah sampai disini shj entry hari ini.. ntah bila blnlah nak update kan??? i will miss my parents, family, friends, internet, fb n not forget my kpop thing haha now, i must focus to one thing only, it’s my study need struggle more to achieve the best pointer… i know i can do it!!!! fighting!!! to my beloved friends : i will miss u all, hope all of u doing ur best in study n achieved excellent result okay.. hope we can meet again one day.. always remember me n don’t forget me.. hehe will miss u all tata (too emotional.. ==’) (this too..-sigh-) (this good.. haha)

jyj, homin, tvxq, aktf, dbsk they will back as 5 one day!!! ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH.. (Yunho fighting, Jaejoong fighting, Yoochun fighting, Junsu fighting, Changmin fighting, HoMin fighting, JYJ fighting, DBSK FIGHTING!!!!)

my memory….

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hello everyone… annyeonghaseyo!!!! kenapa tajuk “my memory” kali ini???? haha mestilah ada rahsia besar di sebalik tajuk ni… hehe amboi nak feeling2 pula kat sini haha.. x de maknanya… salah satu reasonnya adalah…. rahsia…-mehrong- :p keke nnt ar brth ish2….

owh yea, sebelum nak story pasal memory ni.. nak tanya juga baca x entry yg saya tulis bbrp hari lps??? pada entry yg lps saya ada brth bahawa saya akan bercerita tentang perkara yg menarik terjadi pd hr tu kalau x silap pd hari khamis hehe jd lbh afdal sekiranya saya beritahu skrg.. hehe kalo rasa x nak baca tidak mengapa hehe… x kisah pun… hehe

pd hari tersebut satu penjumpaan telah diadakan antara rakan2 kami…. x ramai pun ckit je sbb saya tahu pun last minute, kawan saya beritahu yg diaorg nak jumpa untuk kali terakhir sblm berpisah hehe nasib baik dia telefon waktu pagi hehe walaupun x ramai, perjumpaan yg diadakan antara kami sungguh seronok… iyelah brp bln x jumpa n contact masing2… kalo yg sll contact pun brp orglah itupun melalui fb.. kalo tel. tu jarang ckit sbb ada sesetengah dr mrk kdg2 sudah menukar no mrk… seronok mmg seronok tp sedih juga sbb x dpt berbual lama.. tp yeke x lama??? brp jam kt berjumpa erm… lbh krg 2 jam.. uit, lama tu.. ye ke lama?? mcm sekejap je… hehe ntah bila pula kita nak berjumpa, sbb masing2 akan sibuk dgn pengajian… x pelah ada masa insya-Allah kita jumpa.. one of my friend already tell about this meeting in her blog, n already post some picture at there.. i think i not post picture here but if u want to look all the photo, watch my videos that i made lol haha

akhirnya, msg2 sudah membawa haluan msg2.. ada yg pergi U n ada yg pergi matrik… kemasukan ke UiTM sudah dilakukan pd hr sabtu lps… kalau U lain krg pasti bila sama kot maybe.. hehe kawan2 saya sudah pun pergi menyambung pengajian msg2, saya pula akan pergi pd hari isnin ni… tidak mengapalah ini pun untuk masa hadapan kita juga bknnya sesiapa pun.. -akan ada sambungannya ni- haha

teringat pula pada zaman sekolah, riuh rendah satu kelas ngan gelak ketawanya, gurau senda n sbgnya.. zaman yg penuh warna warni.. kalau nak kata x de gaduh, tipu sangatlah tu haha mestilah ada.. tp bknnya lama pun sekejap je hehe betullah kata org sekolahlah tmp yg plg kita bny ingat… sbb segala2nya bermula dr sek…pahit, manis, masam, masin n pelbagai rasa semua kita rasa kat sek hehe
jd bila berjumpa balik hr tu mmg mengamit memori…

rasanya sampai sini dululah.. sambungannya jap lagi haha kalo nak ckp pasal memori ngan kawan2 rasanye sampai kesudah x hbs haha sekejap lagi sambunglah lg haha see u again keke <– masa untuk berehat sebentar!!! ^_^

everyone…. annyeonghaseyo!!!!!!

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haha tetiba je greeting dlm bhs korea ni knp eh??? haha alah mcm x biasa pula… hehe okay hari ini, knp entry ni dlm bhs malaysia??? haha jgn gusar kerana sahaja je nak tulis.. knp x leh??? haha apa2 hal pun nak beritahu akhirnya penantian berakhir juga… bkn penantian apa pun, penantian menunggu video itu siap untuk diuploadkan… hehe alhamdulillah, pagi td dlm lbh krg kul 4 pagi td siap.. penat eden menunggu haha

ok skrg ni nak beri link dulu, lain post baru kita story2 sikit ok…