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The Farewell….

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Annyeong!!! ^_^ today is the last day that i will be able to online and post something to this blog… keke tomorrow i must go back to continue my study.. well i already in second semester.. time sure was fly to fast right?? wah~ i can’t believe it.. i just have break for only two weeks only.. my others friend that go to universities already get their result while me??? not yet.. maybe after two weeks we will got the result of ur final semester one… we don’t know the exact date yet aigo~ keke 😀 just patient ne~ hope the result will be good.. i look at my all my entry for this year and the most month that i always update is May with 12 entry wow… haha XD i sure miss this blog, coz wouldn’t be able to online anymore… well, i can do it but i think it’s not enough for me, coz i like to spend more time to my computer coz i like to surf internet… but since i must study back, i must focus to my study, and can’t think to online too much.. i must resist myself from thinking this.. i don’t want my result turn bad… i can do it fighting!!!!!!

my lecturer said this second semester is really tight subject.. u know why?? coz in one subject there have more than ten sub topic… wah~ daebak!!!! =_=’ well if i think positive i can do it, right??? well, i can’t give up.. i must strive for the best!!!! even though i will feel stress, i hope i can manage it very well…

i think until here i will do my post until i see u all once again.. annyeong!!!! -strive for the best to be the best-


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