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Why Did I Fall In Love With You???

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“Doushite kimi wo suki ni natte shimattan darou?
Donna ni toki ga nagaretemo kimi wa zutto
Koko ni iru to, omotteta no ni
Demo kimi ga eranda no wa chigau michi”

why suddenly my tittle was like that??? did i fall in love with someone?? keke are u kidding me?? of course haha with someone which i know them for about 5 years, start when i was 14 years old… who want know who the person i said about??? actually there are DBSK a.k.a TVXQ a.k.a Tohoshinki (well don’t confuse ne~ they have different name in different country but with same meaning.. 😉 ) haha all of u maybe already tired right why i always talk about them.. well do i care?? keke i just kidding ne~ as all of u know this group, i think no need for me to introduce who are their member right??? u can see at about me…

well, i never thought want to post this since my main is to continue the previous entry.. well, i can do it later right??? ^_^ well, if u look at my tittle why i post that?? actually i was thinking why i fall in love with them (dbsk 5).. why i can’t forgot about them.. u know why compare to the other kpop artists, DBSK is the most group that i support more… and also i will always heard their song.. compare to others, i just playing their song when i have mood and maybe i can forget them but for DBSK is seem difficult… well, maybe i really fall in love with this group more and more… when i watch their old shows that they doing together, i smile with them, they happy i be happy too keke but that’s only memory that never fade away.. even it take hundreds year, i will always support them (just hyperbola keke) i always support DBSK as 5!!! like always.. i still kpop lovers, and never hate others group but DBSK (JYJ n HoMin) is always my top list.. always be no.1 for me and there are no one who can beat them… they will always be legend… ^_^

ah~ find this song if u want to know, it’s such a sweet song, believe me… 😉 and also i will update this group if i have time… 😉



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