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The Winner…. XD

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the winner??? why??? haha well this is the continue of the previous entry… keke we had won that competition yeh!!!! syukur, Alhamdulillah 🙂 in that competition, there are 7 practicum that perticipate and we are the last one to perform… what???? last??? can u think how long we wait??? so tired.. u know why, coz the start of the competition is at 4.45 p.m and one practicum do the performance will take long in 10 until 15 minutes only (just estimate.. ^_^ ) we conclude that our turn will be at night at least two practicum will be at night… as we wait, the class before us already do their performance… so, we think maybe we can finish it at the evening too.. they perform at 6.15 p.m if i not mistake. well we still think positive that we do at that evening too.. when we come at there, our teacher said that our turn will be at night n we like O_o only us?????? but nevermind, we will give our best performance at that time in other word our spirit will never goes down… ^_^

when our time come to perform, i was very shocked.. u know why?? coz, all of us was giving all their best in this performance, all of them was happy never show any sign that they are tired, we are happy to do it, all of us show smile in our face… the atmosphere was really great… we also not think to win this competition but it lie right if we do not think to win this.. but if we lose too it’s ok coz all of us give their best in this competition do not make any mistake (even though some of us do slightly wrong not much right?? keke ) as we said “kalah bermaruah” hehe

i don’t know if it’s consider as luck or what coz, like i said before we are the last performance among 7 practicum that participate.. and my practicum name is MT7.. it’s just coincidently right??? haha well, this win coz of all the cooperation from our member too also from our teacher that always give advice to us.. gomawo teacher.. 😉 well if we not cooperate, maybe we wouldn’t achieved this victory… love u all my member…

feeling like victory??? haha XD

yeh!!! we are done…. 😉

well, i will stop today.. finally finished the story about what happen in our first semester at there… tomorrow maybe will be my last entry maybe keke see u all annyeong!!!!


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