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again update haha well today i will continue with my story… previous entry, i already talk about our practice.. we always do practice because we doesn’t have enough time coz the competition just around the corner… we only start to practice for about two weeks from the competition.. with too many homework, classes, activities and etc, all of us are tired.. the mood doesn’t really bright up within us, always in bad mood coz of the exhausted but all of us was endure it.. we practice when we have time, if we have gap or doesn’t have anything to do we will do the practice…

now, the time of the competition!!!! wah~ all of us really nervous.. our competition was held in tuesday.. our j-robik class was held at tuesday too, so it’s advantages to us coz we can practice for last time that day… ^_^

at the morning try our custome (well only hat keke)… 😉

as all of us was nervous, we only stay at the hall only (well the competition at Dataran Temenggung).. haha doesn’t dare to go out or watch other practicum performance.. keke but why we only stay at there?? well it’s for preparation also, we must wear hat n others… u can look at below picture.. 😉

before competition… get ready guys.. keke

so, how our cloth good??? well for me, i satisfied… ^_^

wait for time to perform….

with teacher….

so, what happen next???? did we win or not??? so, wait for another entry…


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