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hello everyone!!! how are you today, good??? well today i was super fine, Alhamdulillah.. ^_^ well as i promise previously, i will continue my life at matriculation today… haha sorry coz it’s take a long time to complete right?? sorry for my late -why suddenly???- anyway ignore that n let we move on.. 😉

i already tell about my experience when i enter matriculation, well it’s not much i guess -tell about that ^_^- too many activities that held at there.. well same like the school activities but a little bit different, at school if u don’t want to join u can make any excuse to not participate it or just don’t come to school, but here u must participate it or give the reason why u not participate it… we have may activities such as english workshop, program young tutor and etc.. too many thing to say.. keke

we also have 3 sub subject like dinamika, kokurikulum, and subject agama/moral… well for first semester we got kokurikulum. In this kokurikulum, once against it’s divide into 3. first is “aktiviti kawat”, acting ( do drama) and j-robik (including senamrobik).. so, we got j-robik from this three thing.. so, wanna know what happen??? just wait~ 😉


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