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Assalamualaikum, annyeong n hello everyone… ^_^ how u all feel today??? good or not??? i’m fine here.. ^^ at my last entry, i already said that i will post it the next day right??? but i not post it because i was very tired n has something to do.. keke 😀
i think better if i post it today… ^_^

well, what should i tell first??? erm… about my study??? my holiday??? or what???? too many thing i like to share actually… erm… ah~ that’s also another reason why i don’t want to write coz too many thing to share n doesn’t know which part to say aigo~ haha XD

i think better start with study first right??? ^_^ well, it’s totally best can study back… at first, i must admit that i have cultural shock at first but now i can adapt it n it’s fun… 😉 to study at matriculation, u must prepare ur mental and physical coz the learning process at there was fast and also different from ur school.. whatever it is, it’s same if u go to university too,, nothing different… it’s all depend on u.. ^_^ too say that matriculation is hard, i think everywhere we go or study too was hard doesn’t it?? nothing was easy if u want to achieve the better result in ur life.. everything need sacrifice and of course the hardship u must face first before that.. so, don’t give up ne~ 😉

i will continue my story for study later ok… until see u all again annyeong n salam.. ^_^


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