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Assalamualaikum… ^_^

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annyeong!!! ^_^ wah~ a long time i not open my blog miss my blog…. πŸ˜‰ i made some changes with my blog today… both of my blog already change in their background n header… for this blogger i chance both but for another blog i not chance it maybe later… ^_^ i not put any smiley today coz to many work must to do and also i wouldn’t talk a lot just want looking out what’s happen with my blog after i gone a long time.. haha it’s not too long just a few months i left my blog right???

now i have break for two weeks but within two weeks many thing must to do.. but from what i know i not even touch my book yet!!!! aigo~ what’s wrong with me??? the final exam already near… 😦 within this break i only search about korea only… ==’ such a bad students right??? -sigh- don’t ever try to do like me… ==’ but i do some work also, it doesn’t mean i not ever touch my book, i touch n read it but erm.. what should i say??? it’s just a bit homework that my lecturer give to me so it’s mean that i still do it yeh!!!! haha so ignore the mark that i just tell before arasso… hehe

okay now go to korea… a lot of hing happen… with Jaejoong oppa has starring at new drama call Protect The Boss.. i doesn’t have time to watch it yet but it’s look cool to me keke they say it’s funny.. jinjja???? well maybe next time i watch it.. ^^ Yoochun oppa already finish his drama call Miss Ripley… n Junsu oppa starring at drama call Scent Of A Women but he only act as supporter only if i not mistake.. i doesn’t remember which series.. ok maybe later too i will watch it… Changmin oppa and Yunho oppa now has their new song in japan called Superstar… wow it’s jinjja daebak!!!!! πŸ˜‰ now what i can say is i as Cassiopeia really proud with them… even too many obstacle that they must go through, they still can manage to do it very well… they show to their fan their energetic mode to us, like nothing has happen to them… that’s what i was very proud to be one of their fan here… πŸ™‚ what can i say is i will always support them.. no matter what happen. i know some of the cassie already been half some support JYJ, n some support HoMin but it’s doesn’t mean they are no one who support all of them as 5.. they are so many cassie that still Keep The Faith over them.. they always standing behind them as 5, same with me… i always standing behind them as 5… πŸ˜‰

well i think if i gone talk about this, it will take forever haha XD so i think until this i will post maybe next time we will meet again.. doesn’t know when actually coz the time that i had was short… so just wait ne~ πŸ™‚ will miss u all.. annyeong!!!! ^__^

cool right?? lotte duty free… keke πŸ˜€

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