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Too late… T_T

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why i said like that???   well if u remember, today, i want post about my video right???? aish~ it’s take a lot of time u know to upload it…. i promise to my friend that yesterday i will post it but it’s impossible coz… i think no need to talk again coz i already tell it in my previous entry… hehe…. yesterday, i already upload it, well i waited it n still it’s not finish yet only nine percent… so, i decided to cancel it n do it today.. i can’t left my computer on always because it’s make my bill high hehe (but not me who pay it coz i not worked yet hehe)

now the video in middle of processing, i upload it from morning n now already evening.. can u think how long this video take it to upload??? maybe a few minutes later i will post it here just wait…

see u all after this okay… hehe


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