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Again n again we meet again hehe :D

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“hello, hello,
Nareumdaero yonggil naessoyo,
hello, hello,
Jamshi yaegi hallaeyo,
hello, hello,
Naega jom sotuljin mollado,
Who knows eojjeom uri,
Jal dweljido molla..” eh??? why suddenly i sing??? haha ah~ hello everyone!! we meet again today hehe well as usual i want to post my new video here.. actually i thought, this is the final video that i made n my guess is wrong… it’s because the length of the my video will be too long n maybe it will be 20 minutes i guess, so i decided to do other one haha it’s mean that this video have 3 version… n now the fourth video in middle of process n it take a long time to upload it, so i guess tomorrow i can post it at my blog… i will post the link here…

anyway, i sincerely apologizes for the delay to post the video here.. jongmal mianhae… i have reason why it got delay.. first because i don’t know which song n picture should i use, second because i need to turn off my computer coz of the lightning or u can say weather problem hehe n third because the process to upload it, take time.. so, that’s the problem that i face to make it… to my friend (it’s u) hehe, sorry coz i can’t update n make it on time… i thought i can… I REALLY, REALLY SORRY!!!!!

since this already mid night here, i guess tomorrow i will post the link here.. until see u tomorrow…


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