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haha are u curious with my tittle today?? full of suspense n curiosities?? let’s make u more curious for a while haha i will tell u about this now…

before that it’s not news about i already prepared to continue my study.. about that in the others post maybe hehe but today is special one haha (like evil O_o) the good news is i already finished one of my videos… finally!!!! it’s supposed to be full video but i decided to make the other one coz it’s will make my video is so long… the other video still in middle of process.. i decided to finish in two days either tomorrow, and friday coz after that i will be busy with the full preparations before go to matriculation this monday… n also because this video is about our farewell maybe (to my friend ^_^)…

this is not first time i made it, it’s already third time.. the first time in 2009, i made it special for my friend… the second one this year in march, i made it coz my friends tell me to make it quickly coz we needed to give it too my teacher.. actually the second one i already thinking to make it a long time but because i always delay it, the video can’t be finished early… hehe until one day, my friend ask me about the progress of my video n start that i make it but still it’s take long time to finish it coz i like to delay it n the time to give the video to my teacher still long … hehe but u can say the second video that i make is bit sloppy hehe so, the lesson that i got don’t always delay work… hehe the third video already finished n the upcoming video still in the process hehe

this entry i already make since i finished it in monday, n it got delay… aish~ why i like to delay my work… i need to make the new video today n must finished it tomorrow must!!!!!!!!!! haha

and today, something fun happen keke if u want to know about it, wait for the new entry ok..

n this is the video that i talk about, please comment ne~ well it’s not to good n i think i can make better than this… Hwaiting!!!!


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