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Tiring days… ^__^

Posted on actually i have nothing to tell actually… -peace- hehe

should i tell about the weather today??? hehe well, as my tittle today “tiring days”, why i said like that?? as my previous entry, i already tell about my busy week right?? so i will continue here today…. a few days ago, my family n i (like i made essay haha) go to supermarket to buy thing that i need to bring at there.. first we go in monday n last in thursday.. now my room was mess with all this thing.. so messy aigo~ my mom always nagging to me to pack all this thing n put it in my bag.. well i always like this “ah~ wait a minute, later i will do it n bla, bla,bla” many reason i give haha some of u may experience it right??? so, don’t deny it coz we in same situation haha well, even me too look at my mess room,give me headache

so, i already packed all my thing start yesterday n today.. yesterday i only make sure that the thing that i needed, i already buy it n make short list about thing that i need again.. n today, i already put in my bag but still not finished yet coz need to arrange it again… too many thing i needed to do… i want to finish it faster coz i want to make others thing too…. before i go, i need to finish it.. MUST!!!! haha XD

i think until this i make post coz today weather not so good… well actually in the morning, the weather is good n sunny but in the evening it’s look not good, already heard thunder so must off my computer if not i will be in trouble… until today my news about weather here haha

see u all again annyeong n tata!!!!

p/s let’s play before go to study haha

anyway this is girls generation a.k.a snsd..


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