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We Meet Again.. ^_^

Posted on already a few days i not update my blog.. miss already hehe 😀 after this i wouldn’t able to update my blog again.. hurm~ it’s because i will busy with my study….

i already got two offer one from university n one from matriculation… i doesn’t know which one should i choose, it’s university one or matriculation.. it’s was a dilemma for me actually… so, to make this decision, i ask my teacher n also my aunt.. my aunt is teacher too hehe 😀 so, they give their opinion to me n tell me to choose matriculation over university… it’s have several reason why they said like that.. n i think no need 4 me to tell this…

i also find other people to ask their opinion, n various of answer i get.. anyway thanks to them coz still want to help me… but where we want to go, is all depend on ourself because it was our future, no one else but urself… if u make wrong choice u will regret it… so, at first i already decided to go one of this choice but after that i can’t make it… why this happen??? i feel like did i make good choice?? did i?? did i??? aigo~ (but this is not i be like that) ==’

and today, my heart feel like something not good hurm~ i don’t know why.. maybe because of this… now, i busy with preparations to continue with my study.. listing my thing to bring n buy, make a bank book, n everything… wow so busy~

ah~ i forgot.. i want finish my video.. not finished yet.. ottohke!!!!! i can do it fighting~!!!! after this a new challenging world i will go.. i will know more about people, study n all of the challenge as student.. i will be student again!!!!

to my friend, i will miss u all.. hope we can be meet again n don’t lost contact ok.. see u all soon.. same goes with my teacher, thank u for teach me n my friends.. we wouldn’t forget all ur teaching n we always remember ur advice thanks teachers.. miss u my friend…

take forever to finish my blog today haha see u all n good night…

p/s for our future!!!!!


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