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Long Time No See… XD

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hello everyone.. ^_^ ah~ a long time i not update my blog.. why i use that tittle haha it reminds me of someone haha wanna know??? it’s from DBSK/JYJ member Xiah Junsu… he use this when they go to saipan… it’s so funny “Long Time No See” haha but when he meet them??? that’s a first time he meet them n already said that XD

aish… why i tell this.. it’s not my topic yet.. hehe actually i have various story that i want to tell but i doesn’t have right time to write it… this past two weeks i was very busy… a lot of thing must to do… need to do my resume + study… must to do a bit of revision before out this monday…

what i want to story again?? haha i think my other story i will post it later ok.. hehe see you all saranghae!!!!

p/s i use various of emotions here haha XD to show my feeling n my emotions too… hehe 😀

current mood : (effect after all of this ==’)


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