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a few days ago, i already said that i will do some story right?? but i think i cannot do it coz a little bit busy.. hehe… today, i want share with my fellow member how i fall in love with kpop world… the group that made me follow kpop is DBSK… hehe.. this song was introduce by my sister in her blog… the first song that really make me follow this group n also others group is Purple Line (Jap. ver)… after that i start to addict with kpop… hehe… my fav. member in this group??? i cannot tell you… hehe… it’s secret… haha… second group i know is Super Junior with their song Show Me Your Love feat with DBSK.. that’s how i know korea group… but unfortunately something happen in their group.. i’m sure everybody know about this… i hope this issue will be end soon… anyway Always Keep The Faith everyone (AKTF), hehe…. Yunho fighting, Jaejoong fighting, Yoochun fighting, Junsu Fighting, Changmin Fighting, Dong Bang Shin Ki Fighting!!!!!! DBSK always be no. 1 in my kpop list, no other group can challenge them…. ^^ anyway HoMin Fighting, JYJ Fighting, DBSK Fighting!!!!!! not 3, not 2 but 5 is real DBSK… fighting!!!!!!

TVXQ a.k.a DBSK a.k.a TOHOSHINKI Always Keep The Faith (A.K.T.F) 🙂

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